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You'll be most welcome

We are a social entity for men whether you want to have a chat play a game of pool  have a cuppa or work in workshop to learn new skills the facility is there for you. We are not just grumpy old men like some wives have you believe!

We meet up every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday morning.

pool championship !!



Serving Newstead's
community since 2011 

In 2010 John Rowland, Barry Lacey and Rheese Rodgers were three men each facing health and aging issues , with a positive attitude of "we must be able to do something  about this" they decided to form a men's social group.  Within a year, by embracing anyone else who liked the idea ,the concept of a Newstead Men's Shed was born



Concept of Newstead Men's Shed is born.


Weekly meetings at a local cafe. Mt Alexander Shire leased an old fire station to us for meetings - all the hard work of "JR" our official founder 


Planning and permits took a lot of patience and hard work but a steel building was ordered most of the work was done buy members  except  the trades , construction  and outfitting done buy our own fellows.


In July,  the John Rowland Newstead Men's Shed was officially opened.  It was a grand occasion with over 150 guests public officers and parliamentary dignitaries.

Present day

We continue to work (and play) at adding to our facilities. The Newstead Men's Shed continues to thrive, with over 30 current members.

In 2022 we received a Vic. government grant to assist us in adding an extension to our shed, allowing us better meeting and social areas plus developing digital social contact options for members.

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James Grant




John Milne


Neil Webster



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Graeme Lees



Our Committee
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